Peter Walugembe is a Musician and a Worship Leader who loves the Lord. 



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Peter started singing at an early age. He developed the spirit of leadership in music while he was in elementary school where he organized, taught and trained students for 4 years in the mid-90s. He later joined the worship team where he led praise and worship every Sunday. He sang in groups like Crown band, Y-Music and Predestined with which he recorded an album-"NEVER STOP”. He now sings as an individual raising funds for orphans and poor families to live and have a better life. Peter has recorded four music albums since 2007; ("DON’T GIVE UP-2007”  “BEAUTIFUL-2010”  “ASANTE-2014” and “THE LOVE EXPERIENCE-2017” which is his newest music album. The music is voiced in English, Luganda(Ugandan language) and Swahili(a language spoken widely in East African).

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The title “THE LOVE EXPERIENCE” sums up the message I am trying to share in this album through each song. This album expresses God’s love for us as human beings and our love for him as our father. These are songs about praise, worship and love. This album consists of various styles of music; from African styles to African-American gospel including modern jazz and reggae music styles and beats. It also features my two sons, Levi and Aiden Walugembe. It has a good feel for when you want to have fun listening, to when you just need songs of encouragement. This is the love experience!

The Love experience FRONT

Songs on this music album include;

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01. God is Love (Written by Peter Walugembe)

02. Asanidde (Written by R.Byekwaso/Peter Walugembe)

03. Omugga (Written by Peter Walugembe)

04. Oli wamanyi (Written by Peter Walugembe)

05. Fall in Love (Written by Peter Walugembe)

06. Captured (Written by Peter Walugembe)

07. Mbiro Mbiro (Written by Peter Walugembe)

08. The way i am (Written by Peter Walugembe)

09. I love You Lord (Written by Peter Walugembe)

10. Bulyomu (Written by R.Byekwaso/PeterWalugembe)

11. Loved (Written by Peter Walugembe)

12. Namulondo (Written by Peter Walugembe)

13. I’m going home (Written by Peter Walugembe)

ASANTE” -2014


It has always been on my heart to sing songs about Africa and share them with the rest of the world, especially the old stories told to us by our elders. At the same time, I find it important to sing about current affairs in Africa. It is important to me as a Christian to let people know about the love for God and to encourage them with the words inspired in the songs I write and sing. 

The songs on ASANTE album include;

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01. Asante (Written by Peter Walugembe)

02. Ottuje Wala (Written by Peter Walugembe)

03. Songa Mbele (Written by Peter Walugembe)

04. Kankwagale (Written by Peter Walugembe)

05. Coming back (Written by Peter Walugembe)

06. Give you love (Written by Peter Walugembe)

07. Highway (Written by Peter Walugembe)

08. Kannyimbe (Written by Peter Walugembe)

09. Little girl (Written by Peter Walugembe)

10. Ndi wuwo (Written by Peter Walugembe)

11. Nkwagala (Written by Peter Walugembe)

12. Yegwe (Written by Peter Walugembe)

13. No more (Written by Peter Walugembe)

14. Your man (Written by Peter Walugembe)

15. No more-rmx (Written by Peter Walugembe)


Only three years after my first album, i decided it was time to record BEAUTIFUL my second music album. I was confident and excited to see this work done and shared with the world. The song Beautiful also featured my son Levi. 

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The songs on BEAUTIFUL album include;

Untitled 2 (2)

01. Engoma (Written by Peter Walugembe)

02. Beautiful (Written by Peter Walugembe)

03. I’m free (Written by Peter Walugembe)

04. You’re the one (Written by Peter Walugembe)

05. Depend on me (Written by Peter Walugembe)

06. Zion (Written by Peter Walugembe)

07. Praise his name (Written by Peter Walugembe)

08. Wait (Written by Peter Walugembe)

09. Tewali Akwenkana (Written by Peter Walugembe)

10. Come be with me (Written by Peter Walugembe)

"DON’T GIVE UP” -2007

This was my first music album as a solo artist. I was  a little bit nervous recording this album. It had only seven tracks on it and i would say that it was testing waters for me. I learned alot from this project and the feedback from those who bought it was so important to me. 

I cared about what people thought because it was my very first album.

The songs on "DON’T GIVE UP" album include;

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01. Into. Oh Uganda

02. Africa (Written by Peter Walugembe)

03. Thank you (Written by Peter Walugembe)

04. Call on Jesus (Written by Peter Walugembe)

05. Walk away (Written by Peter Walugembe)

06. Don’t give up (Written by Peter Walugembe

07. Njja kuberawo (Written by Peter Walugembe)

08. Tubajukire (Written by Peter Walugembe)