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We started this ministry with eight orphans who had lost one or both parents due to HIV/Aids or other tragedies. We found out that most of the families we were involved with migrated from Northern Uganda because of wars caused by the Kony rebels. As we continued to educate and help these children with their basic needs, we discovered that some of the children were not attending school even though school tuition and supplies were paid for at school. 

Through our investigations, it was made clear that some children weren’t having meals at home and therefore it affected whether they attended school or not. We therefore started working together with the guardians and care-takers trying to problem solve with them and come up with a better way to help them get up on their feet. We decided to pay for meals for all of our children at school. Their attendance at school has improved greatly since then and we have seen some of our children perform very well. The work of Northern Lights Ministries continues and we’re happy to work with these families everyday by helping them through education, health and spiritual support.

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