The Story of Samuel Luyonde

Samuel lost both his parents at a young age. He has been one of our sponsorded children since 2006. Here is his story! 

My name is Luyonde Samuel. I am 21 years old. I was born in a small slum village called Budumbuli in Uganda. I have two brothers, David and Denis. I am the middle child. I lived with my parents since my childhood until 2002 when my dad passed away because of Hiv/Aids. After my dad had passed on, our family was forsaken by all our relatives. We continued staying with my mom who was earning little money from brewing local alcohol to support the family. She couldn’t afford to pay for our school tuition so we ended up dropping out of school. She later took us to a government aided school but we still had no scholastic materials and no school uniforms. We walked everyday to school without shoes and the education from this school wasn’t upto standard. I was only eight years old when my father passed away. Later in 2005, my mother got to know about Northern Lights Ministries. She applied for us and we were later registered in the organization. 

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Above are a few pictures of Samuel and the certificate awards he’s won at his school.

The ministry took us from a poor school to the best schools in our area. Two months after changing schools, our mother also passed away and by then i was only 11yrs old. At that time, we were left with no one to take care of us since our relatives always paid a death ear to us. One of our uncles accepted to live with us at our house along with his wife and children. He later abonboned us as well. We have been living under the care of Northern Lights Ministries since 2011. The ministry provided me with school tuition(fees), clothes and all requirements needed at school for education. After completing my primary education and being one of the best students in the country, Kate and Peter took me to one of the best high schools in our district for the last six(6) years. They also brought me to live  with them at their home while giving back to the ministry. I’ve been moblizing and visiting other kids in schools as well as checking on care-takers when needed. We recently had a bible study for all our kids and i was honored to lead it with the supervision of Kate and Peter. I am looking forward to joining University in August. I’m going to study Chemical Engineering. Please, i need your prayers and support to complete my education. Thanks, 

Samuel Luyonde.

We kindly ask you to join us in supporting Luyonde Samuel in his final years of education.

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