As a community based organization, we know that empowerment is the best way to be self sufficient. We therefore introduced income generating projects as a way to empower people in the communities we work in. The projects were meant to teach the widows and care-takers how to become self-sufficient by learning new skills and earning income to feed and take care of their families. Some of the projects we’ve done include: 

1. Craft project: 

IMG 1011

Bisoboka craft club was a program started by the widows and care-takers in our ministry. This program was meant to help the women earn extra money to take care of their family basic needs as well as school supplies for their children. Some of the crafts the ladies made included; Brasslets, necklesses, hand bags, mats and baskets.

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2. Bed building project

After discovering that most of the people we were helping were sleeping on the ground with no beds, we introduced this project. We  hired a carpenter who then taught all the care-takers and guardians how to make beds. In return, each participant walked away with a set of bunk beds for their families.


3. Animal project:


The animal project has so far been the most successful project we’ve done over the years. It’s a business with many ways of getting income. We are focusing on goat raising were a familiy is given two goats, a male and female. When the goats reproduce and get to about five goats per family,  the family then gives one goat to another family.  It’s a business that keeps on giving. Goats need very little land to be raised. They provide milk, which can be used to make cheese that can be sold for income, in turn providing a family's children the opportunity to go to school and a small income for the family's basic needs. 


4. Sewing project:

IMG 3356 (1)

Eager to learn new skills, some of the ladies in our project came out to learn tailoring. After going through this program, they each went home with a sewing machine to help them start a small business. Some of the ladies have taken this tailoring knowledge to their communities sewing and mending clothes for a small fee to earn some extra money for their families. 

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5. Food Program:

Because most of the people we work with are farmers, they find it hard to feed their families during dry seasons and some times they go hungry. We therefore introduced an immergency food program a few years ago to help fed these families through these drought seasons.

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