Northern Lights Ministries is a Community Based Organization working in rural Uganda. We provide education, medical, and spiritual support to orphans in Jinja, Uganda. We work to stabilize each of them in their own homes or with other families in the village. We frequently visit each child both at home and in school. We care for each child individually and assist each family as a whole. Northern Lights Ministries grew out of a desire to help improve the lives of the neediest of needy children. In most of Uganda, it is natural to enfold an orphan into the extended family. But they often serve the family, don’t go to school, and would be the last to eat or have health needs tended to. 

We wanted to move in and encourage these families. Sometimes it’s an elderly grandmother caring for grandchildren after their parents die of HIV/Aids or a widow struggling to care for her children. We help orphans by advocating for them in their family, community and school. We sponsor children who would not have the opportunity to go to school. Sponsorship ensures the child will go to school, eat at school, and covers most school supplies and requirements. Our average work day is a day full of home visits to caretakers. We are blessed incredibly by the relationships we have formed.

Northern Lights Ministries is Under PIONEERS (a mission sending organization in Florida)